Wednesday, October 14, 2009

El Awesomeness: The Rise & Ascent of the Greatest Band You’ve Yet to Hear

So you’ve been waiting (as have I) for a band, a rock band, that rocks faces off at a consistent enough rate you can follow their ascent to greatness over the course of several records. For me, that time is now and it begins with hardcore punk outfit The Bronx.

Maybe, like me, you’ll get hooked by their ode to Los Angeles and early single “They Will Kill Us All (Without Mercy).”

Or maybe you’d like your punk polished like their latest - and arguably greatest - “Past Lives.”

Still not convinced? Well, if Matt Caughthran’s vocals don’t grab you by throat and guitarist Joby J. Ford’s riffs can’t get you feeling it, then let the boys throw something else at you. Welcome to "Mariachi El Bronx." Recorded with their third album, "The Bronx III," "Mariachi El Bronx" is real, raw and one of the most epic and original records of our time.

Both "Past Lives" and "Mariachi," however, go well with hot sauce.

- Twist-off Jones

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