Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Friday Fright: This Lady Scares the Crap Out of Me

Rock music has been frightening people since the dawn of ... "Footloose." This feature will highlight the most traumatic people/places/things that rock has to offer.

Every suburban kid went through a punk phase at one point or another. But by the early '00s, punk had gone pretty quickly from anarchistic outsider culture to the Hot Topic t-shirt rack, stopping somewhere in the middle to crap out what we now know as "emo." So by then, sullen kids in their Winnetka bedrooms looking for that jab in the eye of their corporate attorney parents could turn to any number or radio and video-friendly acts. Yes indeed, a stable of MTV-friendly punk acts. Nancy Spungen started rolling in her grave, which frightened people passing by that particular gutter. Yet one band, despite being featured on what was by then ironically called Music Television, still managed to push the boundary somewhat. They were the Distillers, and their lead singer could beat you to death. And their lead singer was a woman named Brody. Watch this and try to keep your bowels intact.

Man B Que has a set of rules governing what is manly and what is not. Women are expressly forbidden from attending the Man B Que. But Brady Dalle there, from the Distillers? She blurs the line. She might merit a burger - if she promises not to show up and punch someone in the face. One could honestly picture her driving a broken bottle into a screaming townie at 4 in the morning in a smoky bowling alley bar while Warren Zevon plays in the background. The Distillers - proving once and for all that a lot of world's scariest motherfuckers come from Australia.

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