Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Freaky-Ass Friday: A Duo of Rammstein

This week's selection for this Friday feature that I can't seem to come up for a name with joins two thing people are afraid of - heavy metal and Ze Germans.

I first heard of German metal band Rammstein in my younger days, when MTV not only played music videos, but played music videos by German metal bands whose on-stage antics had led to indecency charges.

Read that link. The whole thing. I'll wait.

Okay, now you have an idea how Rammstein altered my perception not just of metal, but of an entire country. Even after years of learning to enjoy jazz, latin music, hip hop, etc., I still think Rammstein's bombastic metal kicks ass. Here, for your enjoyment, is "Du Hast," the video that introduced me to the band:

Clearly an homage to Reservoir Dogs going on there. But that's not really the freaky-ass part. Oh, it's freaky, don't get me wrong. But you know what's just a little bit more batshit? Taking everything you've just learned above and placing it in the Sprongebob motif:

I have no idea who is simultaneously a fan of both Spongebob and German metal to the point where he/she tries to smash the two together in the manner of making your Ghostbusters action figures fight the GI Joes. I just know that I'm not sure I want to meet this individual.

- J.B. Mays

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