Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Just Give It Up: Axl Rose

Get you mind right with rockd out music reviews from the good ol’ boys who brought you The Shipwreck, MJ & John (aka: Twist-off & Jon Benet Mays).

According to Vince Neil, GNR fans are tired. Tired of Axl, tired of his antics and just plain tired. After waiting 15 years for Chinese Democracy, ridunkulous lineup changes (i.e. Buckethead, Bumblefoot and Squiggly Cliff Johnson (rumored)) and the rutarded hair braids, who can really blame us? For the GNR die-hards who sided with the rest of the band (Izzy, Slash, Duff, that crazy bastard Steven Adler, and even Gilby), this is just review, but for the unaware, its time to see the light. Axl is a lost cause and has been since Illusions.
You want your precious Guns? You wanna dance with Mr. Brownstone and Get In the Ring with the band who brought rock n’ roll back from the hollow trenches of hair metal? Then don’t look for love from GNR’s neglectful father. The reality is that the quintessence Guns resides in Izzy, the genius in the corner responsible for the writing, Slash, the swaggering axeman and Duff, the heavy anchor. Your Guns live and breed here with Gilby Clarke, all of which have released solo album after solo album deafened by the success original lineup and Appetite. The must have’s: Duff’s Believe in Me, Slash’s Snakepit It’s Five o’Clock Somewhere and Gilby Clarke’s The Hangover. Along with these treasures, anything from Izzy is gold and even, Velvet Revolver rockd out for a while. These gems are all readily available at your local CD exchange and well worth the $2.99 sticker price. Get your head out of Axl and find the true Guns.

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