Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Non-Crappy Covers: The '80s, Ska, and Cursing

I haven't even begun writing and this entry has already begun to make me feel old. Thoughts running through my head include "hey, remember ska's brief moment of semi-popularity?" and "hey, remember that movie BASEketball?" I might as well add "hey, remember Pogs?" while I'm at it.

But weird quarter-life crises aside, I'd like to call you all back to a simpler time. A young J.B. Mays, crumpled dollar bills in hand, was in the middle of a very tough decision - whether or not to buy his first Parental Advisory stickered CD. Finally, hands shaking, I went up to the cash register and meekly said "I'll take this." I recall being surprised that I didn't get in trouble, because young J.B. Mays was apparently something of a nancy boy. But the disc was purchased, and there began a love affair with cursing and music intertwined. That record? Reel Big Fish's "Turn the Radio Off."

This particular cover song came out after that album unexpectedly hit platinum during the aforementioned brief ska fad of the '90s. No matter how my musical tastes have evolved, I'll always have a soft spot for the band. Which, when you think about it, is how almost everyone feels about the music of the '80s. And so we combine them, and hope that it doesn't have the same world-ending effect of crossing the streams.

- J.B. Mays

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